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Making it easier for customers to find your restaurant

Making it easier for customers to find your restaurant

 Millions of customers visit the Deliveroo app every week, browsing through the menus of 80,000 great restaurants globally. With so much choice available, we want to make sure customers can easily find the food they are looking for.

We've now made it easier than ever for customers to find your most-loved dishes by adding a new 'Trending Dishes' carousel and a 'Recommended For You' carousel to the Deliveroo app.

Recommended For You

The 'Recommended For You' carousel will show customers a personalised list of restaurants based on their historical order data. As we will now be showing restaurants that those customers are more likely to order from, this will improve user experience and drive new customers to your restaurant as these customers will use the platform to explore restaurant options.

Trending Dishes:

The 'Trending Dishes' carousel will show customers dishes that are popular in their area to help them decide on what they want to order. To be featured in the 'Trending Dishes' carousel you will need to have dish photography. Providing dish photography for just 10% of your menu can boost overall orders by 12%.

By adding these two new carousels to the Deliveroo app, this will greatly improve customer experience and give you more space to market yourself in app.

If you have any questions on our newly designed app, please feel free to get in touch with your Account Manager.

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