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  2. Deliveroo’s support to customers, riders, restaurants and the community during the Covid-19 pandemic
Deliveroo’s support to customers, riders, restaurants and the community during the Covid-19 pandemic

Deliveroo’s support to customers, riders, restaurants and the community during the Covid-19 pandemic

We would like to share an update on the action we have taken to support our customers, riders and restaurant partners.

As a business we are relentlessly focused on doing everything we can to support the riders working with us, to bring customers safe deliveries from the best restaurants across the country.

Improving customer safety

To support our customers, we have taken decisive action to ensure the highest hygiene standards and provide reassurance that we still provide the same incredible service that they know and love.

Deliveroo has launched the new contact-free delivery service so that customers can request in the app that food is left safely on the doorstep.

We also launched a new range of 'Essentials by Deliveroo', including tinned goods, pasta and other items, to make sure the isolated have access to the key items they need during this period. And to encourage people to stay home.

Caring for our riders

Throughout this period the safety and well-being of our riders have been an overriding priority. They play a vital public service role and help people get the food they need and want at this challenging time, but we know they have to do so safely and securely.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, our dedicated rider support team has provided constant advice to riders on how to stay safe, as well as hygiene guidance based on Government advice.

We have made sure that our riders have access to hand sanitizer, gloves and masks.

Strengthening restaurant support

Deliveroo is here to deliver for restaurants who want to carry on offering their amazing food to families at home during this difficult time.

To amplify this message, we launched a new global campaign #HereToDeliver to help our customers know that their local restaurants are still open and ready to help.

We have seen hundreds of new restaurants join Deliveroo who did not perform delivery services until now. Restaurants turning to delivery on Deliveroo include large chains, local favourites, high-end restaurants as well as smaller takeaways.

Deliveroo is using our expertise to help guide restaurants as they make the transition from dine-in to delivery-only outlets. Deliveroo is the only platform, for example, to publish detailed guidance on how restaurants can run delivery-only outlets safely, covering issues such as how to minimise contact, packaging and hygiene best practice. Deliveroo has extensive expertise in this area which it will share with restaurants across Ireland.

We have also:

Developed bespoke online marketing support for restaurants to let customers know they are operating delivery services

Established teams of people across the business to recruit and support restaurants who want to be able to deliver food

Providing assistance to all restaurant partners that are facing food-related supply chain disruptions by pairing them up with reliable suppliers with pre-negotiated Deliveroo pricing

Developed an app to introduce 'contact-free delivery' so that restaurants can give confidence to consumers that delivery is conducted safely

Shared expert advice and guidance on how to operate safely during the outbreak

Processing weekly payment to restaurants partners to help with the cash flow.

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