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Inspiring Women Of Food From Around The World

Inspiring women of food from around the world  

What do twelve inspiring and amazing women from around the world have in common? The passion, joy and dedication for food which have seen them excel at their professions. To celebrate International Women's Day Deliveroo meets these wonderful women and discovers their stories.

Jackie Keating, Ireland, Independent Pizza Company / Gotham Stillorgan

Dedication, relentless attention to detail and hard work are just some of the qualities that have kept restaurant owner Jackie Keating at the top of her profession for over 30 years. Today, she heads up Dublin's beloved Independent Pizza Company as well as the popular Gotham restaurants.

Read more about Jackie's story here.


Shelina Permaloo, UK, Lakaz Mamam

Shelina Permaloo was working as a project manager when she applied to be on Masterchef in 2011. When she sent in her application, she had no idea that she had started on a culinary journey that would include winning the show, and kick off a brand new food-inspired chapter in her life.


Sabrina Goldin, France, L'Empanaderia

Sabrina Goldin first embarked on a career in industrial design, but her passion for her native Argentinian food changed all that. When she arrived in Paris, she set about turning her fond memories of home into delicious Argentine street food outlets, which have since spawned many copycats.


Jeanette Saravini, Germany, Saravini

Jeanette Saravini's father taught her the secrets of Italian cuisine from a young age, and her mum supported Jeanette and her sister in fulfilling their dream of taking over the family restaurant business. Through the highs and lows, there has been one constant part in her life: her family.


Alessandra Bognanni, Italy, W.O.K

Alessandra Bognanni created her first Asian Express restaurant, WOK, with her husband Giuseppe Amati in 2006. With a focus on maintaining authentic flavours of Thailand, her inspiring mantra is 'believe in more'.


Fenna Cannegieter, Netherlands, Madame Poulet

Opening Madame Poulet, a chicken stand in Amsterdam, didn't seem the most logical step for Fenna Cannegieter, a civil servant and mum who absolutely couldn't cook. But, it turned out to be a match made in heaven! She's a chef with courage, as well as an accomplished businesswoman.


Pascale Nihoul, Belgium, Le Balmoral

During a trip to the US in her twenties, Pascale Nihoul fell in love with American diners. She set aside her dream of becoming a comedian, and opened the first American diner in Brussels – Le Balmoral, in the heart of Uccle – which she still runs with pride after twenty-seven years.


Gisela Salazar Golding, Singapore

How many life changing career decisions start with a tennis racquet? For Gisela Salazar Golding, selling Quesillos (a Venezuelan dessert) meant the start of her cooking career, as well as providing funds for the tennis racquet she wanted. Today, Gisela helms the kitchen of the wildly popular Grain Traders.


Kea Liden, Hong Kong, Thai On High

After moving to Hong Kong, Kea Liden started her first venture from her own kitchen. Nowadays, Liden focuses her energies on her two popular restaurants, Thai On High and Thai on Nine. Kea sources her ingredients from the local markets daily, and from regular trips home to Chiang Rai.


Nicole Shiu, Australia, T by Luxbite

Nicole Shiu didn't know what she was going to be when she grew up, only that she had always enjoyed cooking and creating. So far, this inspirational young patisserie chef has garnered some impressive awards, including runner-up in the 2016 World Patisserie Awards. And she's just getting started.


Sophia Sleiman, UAE, Mantoushe

A food scientist by training, Sophia Sleiman was always passionate about cooking. She wanted to bring nutritious, filling and genuinely good Lebanese food to Dubai, which is why she started the homegrown concept Mantoushe, meaning "take a real bite".


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