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The Chili Shack

The Chili Shack

The Chili Shack's signature dish is – you guessed it – chilli. Inspired by the chilli dishes of American and Canadian cuisine, you'll find chilli hot dogs, burgers, poutine, and everything in between.

We reveal the story behind this food truck turned queue-pulling restaurant, plus some of our menu favourites.

From humble beginnings


Started back in 2014 by two friends who wanted to bring the taste of proper American chilli to Ireland, The Chili Shack began their culinary journey as a small shack on wheels. They toured around the country, feeding hungry revellers at festivals like Electric Picnic, and quickly garnered a cult following.

The guys decided to take the plunge in October 2015 and open up their first bricks and mortar restaurant in the centre of Galway. In April 2017, they followed suit in Dublin and opened up on Prussia Street in Stoneybatter. Their big opening saw queues literally going out the door and around the corner. Not bad for two lads who started with nothing more than a shack and a dream.

Chilli comforts


When you think of chilli, you might imagine a big bowl of spicy stew laden with meat, vegetables, beans and just enough rice to provide the perfect amount of soakage required. But chilli is far from a one trick pony. This timeless classic has been reimagined in many various forms, and the folks at The Chili Shack are serving up plenty of options.

Everything from the Vegan Three Bean Chilli to the Chunky Irish Beef Chilli Bowl and right down to their tender Chicken Wings – which are smothered in hot, smoky buffalo sauce – has more than a hint of hotness to it. For anyone wanting even more of a American experience, we suggest ordering the truly mouthwatering Chilli Cheese Dog with a side of Tex Mex Poutine – thick fries loaded with gravy, cheese and smoked bacon.

More than a mouthful

While it might be their chilli that gets us all excited, it's their burgers that get jaws dropping. In particular, The Beast, which certainly lives up to its name. A combination of the Bacon Cheese, Chilli Cheese and Smoke Stack burger all rolled into one, it comes with a side of paprika fries. We recommend adding the chipotle dip – if you can find the room for it that is.

It would be remiss of us not to give an old favourite, the Chilli Con Carne, a moment in the spotlight. While it may be based on a classic, The Chili Shack gives you the option to build your own version. You can opt for the traditional rice and chilli combination or mix it up by replacing half the rice with fries and doubling down on your carbs.

Still not doing it for you? Why not go completely off-road and do away with the rice altogether – substitute in some nachos and turn it into a Mexican fiesta. Whatever you choose, we can guarantee that you won't be disappointed.

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